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"I always knew Darlene was a great dancer, because her father told me so. It was written long before I saw her teach, dance with established companies or create with young people. My job is spotting talent. Talent is the easy part of dance, but her drive and passion for this is different from others..."

Ralph McDaniels

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Darlene "Niara" Arrington was born in Brooklyn, yet spent her childhood  being raised in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. At age 10, and with an early passion for the arts, her parents registered her for dance at The Venettes Cultural Workshop (Wyndanch, New York). There is where she studied jazz, modern, tap, ballet, african, pointe, and hip hop for 8 years.
She later enhanced her movement quality in hip hop at places like The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory (NYC), and evenutally, Full Circle Productions (NYC). Her talent and passion for hip hop dance has allowed her to grace the stages of Lincoln Center(NYC), The New Victory Theater (NYC), The Green Space at the Shakespeare Theater Festival (Oregon), in Caguas, Puerto Rico, and the Laguardia Performing Arts Center (NYC), and teach dance workshops worldwide. She is also amongst 8 other choreographers chosen for the 2015 Mare Nostrum Elements: Emerging Choreographers Series.


In the summer of 2015, Niara became one of two other artists chosen to travel to Senegal, West Africa, where she assisted in the production of Sunu Thiossane's 3rd annual showcase, performed at the Grand National Theater in Dakar.


She is currently a Teaching Artist through Urban Arts Partnership , located in NYC. She teaches private and group fitness classes under her company , Color Me Fly, and is a 2016 Holistic Health Coach Graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


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